Home of GPS Tracking and People Management

Asset-Track supply Insurance approved GPS tracking equipment and a range of other tracking products. We have a variety of devices that will help you monitor and protect your assets wherever they are in the world.

It doesn’t matter what type of transport you want to track and monitor, our up to date technologies mean that you can seamlessly use our vehicle tracking device within your business.

If you’re a lone worker (people who perform their duties solo such as delivery or security staff) our internet and wireless technology allows you to stay safe and increase productivity at the same time. We also supply child and people trackers making sure that in the event of a person going missing they can quickly and easily be found.

Already have Tracking devices installed, looking for a new supplier? no problem, our dedicated team of programmers can build DCS’s (Devices communication servers) allowing your assets to seamlessly integrate to our servers. We have a huge catalogue of DCS’s pre-built making this a quick stress-free transition, complete OTA communication, keeping your vehicles on the road.

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