Fleet Management


Fleet Tracking System

Fleet tracking systems are a great way to not only monitor your vehicles but monitor the people driving them too. Using fleet management software is a cost effective way to observe the speed of the vehicles so that if any of your drivers are over the limit you can quickly put a stop to it helping make sure that you’re not only protecting the driver, but other road users too.



What is it?

Fleet management software enables businesses to complete management tasks related to a fleet of vehicles. The tasks you can complete are numerous and include an array of features to help you get the most out of your company. It’s become increasingly necessary as more and more vehicle regulations are put in place.



What are the benefits?

The idea behind the software is simple. To make managing your fleet as hassle free and beneficial as possible. Assett-track’s software can help perform various tasks to ensure that you’re safeguarding your vehicles and staff whilst at the same time increasing productivity.

Stop unauthorised use – Using company vehicles for personal use is a very common problem within business. With Asset Track you’ll be able to put a halt to this issue. Once the members of staff know that the vehicle they are driving can be easily monitored they’ll soon stop using it for their own use. This will also help cut down on fuel costs.

Increase productivity – Manage your work load better, and distribute jobs quicker and much more efficiently with Asset Track. The easy to use software will make dispatching and recalling vehicles much easier.

Safeguard your vehicles against theft – You’ll always know where your car is with our software. If your vehicle has gone missing, you can quickly locate it. you are also able to immobilise it preventing further use. If the vehicle moves outside of a designated area you’ll be alerted instantly so that you can quickly report to the necessary authorities.

So with Asset Track you can lower costs, increase productivity, ensure the safety of your staff and vehicles and stay in regular contact with them. There’s always a use for fleet tracking systems and they will greatly benefit any company.

Our Fleet management software can also take the hassle of Vehicle TAX, MOT’s, finance owed away from your back office. This unique software allows you to monitor, report, and most importantly alert customers of any up any coming events.



Here’s just a couple of examples of “Fleet Management” as its best

In-Cabin WiFi Hot-Spot.


GPS Trailer Tracking


Current State of each vehicle's applications at any one time.

In addition to the Fleet management functionalities, the Piccolo Plus also acts as an in-cabin router.


GPS Cabin Router




The advantages of this system include:

  • Having an independent GPS unit with complete fleet management functionalities
  • Two separate independent devices using ONE SIM for both devices.
  • Having the flexibility of using any mobile computing device and changing it as new technologies emerge yet not touching the GPS unit that has a life cycle of 5-10 years compared to the mobile computing device which has a typical life cycle of 2-3 years.



Piccolo Plus for Advanced Functionalities

This is our flagship product meeting every market requirement.

For advanced fleet management solutions including:

  • Active RFID – the RFLink
  • Vehicle diagnostics - CANbus
  • Passive RFID
  • Temperature monitoring – up to 6 digital temperature sensors
  • Garmin interface
  • RS232 port