Insurance Tracking


Telematics Solution for Vehicle Insurance Companies


What is Insurance Telematics?

A wireless technology which delivers safety service & vehicle information; presenting Auto insurers with a significant opportunity to create value.

By using the technology’s ability to transmit precise data on vehicle location & driving behaviour in near real time, Insurers can de-average pricing models, capture a greater share of low-risk drivers, cut the costs of managing claims, and enhance the overall consumer experience.


Winning with Insurance Telematics

What benefits can Insurance Companies achieve from Asset-track’s Telematics Service System?

Vehicle insurance tracking

Cut the cost of managing claims, maximize the profits by innovated risk management

By analyzing real driving data (mileage, driving time period & dangerous driving behavior) of drivers, and reporting and alarming when vehicles exceed speed limits of individual roads; Insurance Companies can consider the actual risk level of customers, adjusting insurance premiums accordingly, and create a greater amount of low-risk customers in the long run

By providing safety service and theft prevention, Insurance Companies can increase the safety levels of customers, in order to lower the risk effectively…

By collecting real time vehicle information, Insurance Companies can be advised of an accident in a timely manner, in most cases before the client contacts them, this will help to provide more accurate accident investigation i.e. times, dates and locations; helping to preventing fraudulent claims, & provide possible road side assistance if applicable.

Increase sales by providing value-added service to your vehicle insurance customers;

Customers can get value-added service, such as: theft prevention; road side assistance; maintenance reminders etc.

By providing differential service, Insurance Companies can improve competitive power & increase market share. For logistic vehicles, government/enterprise fleets & other industries, customers would receive fleet management applications which are compulsory requirements. By these new values & services, Insurance Companies can bind customers more tightly, increase customer loyalty.

Other applications for insurance companies, such as:

  • Driving behavior analyzing & optimization
  • Remote Vehicle diagnosis via the onboard OBD port
  • Accident detect & rescue
  • Mileage/Fuel consumption report
  • Insurance, payment management
  • Speeding Driver alerts ( i.e. Driver exceeds 33mph on any 30mph road) the system will create an alarm at the critical time it occurs