Asset Track Product Range

GPS tracking devices and fleet tracking systems are a great way to increase productivity and monitor your drivers. more importantly we can offer free no obligation advice in this field with over 15 year experience.

Piccolo STX Vehicle Tracking Device

Driver Behaviour, CanBus, BLE

Piccolo Plus loT Gateway

Wifi Hotspot, Integrated RFID

RFLink for Vehicle loT

Wireless IO or Temperature Tracking

Piccolo Hybrid + for Trailer Tracking

For Dual Tracking Dual Mode

Piccolo ATX2S Solar Powered 

Solar Powered Asset Tracking

Piccolo ATX For Asset Tracking

Battery Operated For Asset Tracking

Piccolo TMX Pro 

Remote Portable Temperature Monitoring

Piccolo STX Extrenal Antena 

Portable Asset Tracking

Driver ID Tracking

Track your drivers anywhere in the world