Vehicle CCTV-DVR


»  Assett-track Now offer Vehicle DVR complete with TRUE CCTV remote video surveillance.

»  Reduce insurance premiums, whilst obtaining critical evidence as and when an accident may occur.

»  Our system streams constant video footage to your office over the web via 3G or 4G connectivity.

»  This allows the management team to see what the driver see's at all times whilst recording events that may occur whilst the drivers go about their working day.

»  Our units are packaged with Tracking details allowing you to have a view on map as to where the events occur together with route history.

»  They also are supplied with a 1TB hard drive, this can be removed for analysis with the supplied Keys ; alternatively you can view the history directly from your office chair with our playback function

»  24/7 support is included with all of our products from a fully trained team.




GPS Fleet Management


  • Embedded RTOS system
  • HDD recording, supports maximum 2T hard driver
  • 4 video input, 1 audio input, D1 or CIF selected recording
  • Video output for live viewing, playback with monitor
  • H.264 compression format
  • All real-time recording
  • Over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protections
  • Built-in G-sensor module, compelling recording when accident happened and can't be overwrite
  • Built-in 3G/GPS module, remote control via phone and PC
  • Wide range power supply: 8 to 36V
  • Supports playback video
  • Display format: single/four quad/nine quad image
  • Air head connector cable, not easy loosening
  • 4 alarm input, buzzer input
  • Supports two-way voice call
  • Dual anti-shock




 Live Streaming Video

Live Streaming Video Tracking





Video Playback

Video Playback GPS Tracking



Installation Position

GPS Fleet Management