Vehicle Tracking

Save on fuel and stop speeding drivers - The Department of Transport estimates that reducing speed by 10MPH increases fuel efficiency by 20%. Do the math’s for your business and add up the savings. Here’s an example: 50 vehicles reduce speed and save £10 each week in gas costs. That’s £26,000 a year! Don’t forget that driving the speed limit increases safe driving conditions for your driver and other motorists. Insurance companies pay attention to this!

Save time and ensure accurate pickups and deliveries – By knowing where your vehicles and employees are at all times, dispatching becomes easier and much more efficient. Plus, you will now have a way to verify the exact time a driver arrived at a location.

Guard against vehicle/equipment theft – With Assett Track, you will always know where your vehicles and equipment are and you can be alerted if they move out of a designated area.

Limit unnecessary trips and unauthorized use – Customers confirm that when employees know a GPS tracking system is installed in their vehicle, their behaviour changes. Personal travel with company vehicles will be reduced if not eliminated because employees know they can be held accountable.

Ensure proper work hours – Employees will be less likely to claim overtime, extend lunch hours, start late or end their work day early if they know their vehicle has a GPS tracking system installed. How many drivers do you have? If you could gain 30 minutes of productivity from them each day, how much could you add to your bottom line?? our GPS tracker does it all ?”one cost”.

With the use of our family of Piccolo tracking devices the possibilities are endless, below are just a selective few applications available at no extra cost to the monthly subscription:



Basic Vehicle tracking with our Piccolo STX

Picolo STX GPS Tracking

Vibration sensor

· Accelerometer packaged with driver behaviour software application -
· J-bus- J1939 or J1708 -
· Can-Bus- ODBII including connector pre wired to the Piccolo plus wire harness -
· integrated 1800Mamp rechargeable lithium battery and charger -
· External Temperature Sensor up to four per unit.
· Driver identification (Dallas key).
· External Dual magnetic GPS & Cellular antenna including SMA connectors to the Piccolo plus
· internal cellular antenna and external GPS antenna -
· Expansion for RS-232 serial port, three additional IO’s and one additional analogue input -
· Garmin interface -
· Internal buzzer -
· External buzzer installed on the wire harness -
· Option - (for notebook or PDA to access the internet via the Piccolo plus
· Bluetooth option for voice -
· Sourced 125 KHZ passive RFID receiver powered by the Piccolo plus
· passive RFID card or Key to work with the above at around 10 cm distance -
· RFID interface to a 3rd party RFID , hardware and software - (may require software customization)
· optional supply of 5VDC power for the RFID reader - or any 3rd party accessory